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57mm POS Paper Roll

Current position:57mm POS Paper Roll
80x70 Thermal Cash Register Roll

80x80mm thermal paper rolls.JPG

Size: 80mm x 70mm

Width: 80mm

Diameter: 70mm

Core: 12x17mm, 13x19mm

Color: White

Thickness(mil): 50-80um

Paper Length: 46-73 meters

Printing effect: dark, perfect image-out

Preservation period before printing: 2-3 years

Place of Production: Shandong, China

Production Time: 15 days for a 20ft container

Quantity: 62500 Rolls

Thermal Receipt Paper Roll 80mm x 80mm is the most popular item in POS & retail industry. It's widely used in supermarket, shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops, retail store, hospitals, etc.